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We seek to serve and strengthen the Body of Christ through ministries designed to reach a variety of different people.
Happy Teens
Lutheran Brethren Youth Fellowship

Lutheran Brethren Youth Fellowship (LBYF) is made up of teens 7th grade to early college age.  We meet weekly Sunday afternoons from 3:30pm -5pm at the church, while doing a variety of activities and the occasional outing. The main focus of our meeting together is to provide an environment for Christian teen fellowship.  We also have bible studies from time to time, discuss sermon topics, and discuss different

issues that teens face on a daily basis. It is my hope that our teens can be proud to serve the Lord, serving him with the different talents he has given them, and growing to be mature Christian men and women that love Jesus Christ as their savior.

In addition to that, the LBYF is strongly involved with the church's vacation bible school, hosts a holiday party at the end of October for all the Sunday school kids, and gets to attend a "snow camp" where we spend a winter weekend at a cabin in the mountains.

Gourmet Meal
Supper Club

Supper Club is a great way to enjoy light fellowship and get to better know fellow members.  We offer enrollment in the fall when groups of three to five couples are formed.  Group meetings rotate among member's homes as they gather to enjoy supper.  This is a pot luck affair with the host home providing the main course and other members supply the accompanying courses.  Each group is free to

schedule their meetings on the day that best serves everyone.  Groups may meet October through May or until each couple has had the opportunity to host Supper Club in their home.

Women's Missionary Fellowship

     The purpose of this organization is to awaken a deeper interest in, and love for, the Kingdom of God at home and abroad, thus sharing in the great enterprise of the Christian Church; and to unite all of the women of the Lutheran Brethren Church of Nampa in a deeper fellowship of consecrated service and cooperation for the missions, the charities, and the Christian education of our church.

Women's Ministries meets the first Thursday of each month January through May and September through December.  All of the ladies of our church are invited to be a part of Women's Ministries.  We have quite a number of committees that are active throughout the year in various capacities.  Our goals are to promote and support missions at home and abroad, with a particular emphasis on the Lutheran Brethren missions; to provide Christian fellowship and care for the spiritual needs of the church women; to reach out to the women in our community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ; and to support our local church ministry through hospitality and service responsibilities.


We vary our meeting activities each month.  Some of the evening programs include visitation nights, Bible studies, sewing for missions or local groups such as Lifeline Pregnancy Care Center, book reviews, sharing and singing, and speakers.  A women's retreat is held each year during the fall.  We have a Helping Hands Committee that brings meals to those in need in our congregation.  Each December we decorate the church for Christmas and help to organize the all church caroling evening. 

Wednesday Night Adult Fellowship.jpg
Wednseday Night Bible Study and Kid's Bible Club

     On Wednesday nights, we gather together for an informal time of bible study geared toward all ages.  We begin with singing some of our favorite songs, and then break into adult’s and children’s groups.  Lead by a facilitator, the adults work though an entire book of the bible, verse by verse, digging deeply into the scripture and its meaning for our lives.  As we do, you are encouraged to ask questions and provide

answers so that together we might better understand the scriptures and be mutually encouraged and strengthened by them.


The kids break out for Bible Club, which is for all youths 6th grade and younger.  During this time we sing songs, work on memory verses, and do a bible study.  We love to have discussions and most of the time that discussion is based on our study topic. We most consistently have a weekly bible study, but from time to time we will play games involving bible trivia or spend time just running around on the playground.  There are always snacks waiting for us at the end of the evening.

Sunday School 2.jpg
Sunday School

     Our Sunday School is for the whole family.  Classes are broken up into similar ages and each group has their own room and teacher.  Classroom break downs are usually pre-kindergarten and kindergarten, early elementary school, middle age elementary school, and older elementary school. 7th grade to high school also meets as a class, and adults also have their own class. Our Sunday school starts with an

opening in the sanctuary at 9:30am for about 15 minutes, moves to classrooms, and then concludes at 10:30.


Our Sunday school is focused on teaching the bible as truth. With that in mind we want to lead our students to the knowledge of Jesus Christ as their savior, and equip them with knowledge of scripture so they can face the challenges that the world presents.  God’s word, the bible, is the foundation for this.

Music Notes
Music Ministry

     Music is a very vibrant part of worship here at Lutheran Brethren Church. While we enjoy the more upbeat praise songs that we sing at the beginning of almost every service, we likewise treasure the time honored hymns out of the hymnal throughout the service. Our praise chorus songs are led by a simple praise team with overhead words and

are accompanied by various instruments such as guitar, drums, piano,

mandolin, etc. Our hymns are accompanied by various instruments such as guitar, drums, piano, bass, etc. Our hymns are generally sung in their entirety out of the pew hymnals. They are accompanied by our beautiful full size organ and the piano. We firmly believe that all our music is wholly and fully to glorify God only and we seek no self-recognition for it. As such, we weekly have a "special music" selection performed by a member/s or friend of the congregation such as a Sunday school class song, a number on an instrument, a duet, vocal group or etc. Anyone from the congregation is welcome to provide the special music. We place no judgment, age, ability or any other criteria on these selections. In addition to our Sunday services, we also spend a lot of time in song at family bible camp, Sunday school, youth group, vacation bible school, holidays and various other services throughout the year. The bible says it best in Ephesians 5:18,19 when it says, " filled with the Spirit, addressing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody to the Lord with all your heart."

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